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Free Myopia Eye Test

You can assess your child’s risk of myopia (short-sightedness) for free!

Myopia is more commonly known as short sightedness, and is a very common affliction that can begin in childhood. Short-sighted progression is of great concern for the World Health Organisation, eye care and general health care professionals, as well as parents. It is anticipated that myopia will become a leading cause of permanent blindness worldwide.

Childhood myopia can cause eye disorders and other pathologies later in life, so it’s very important that kids be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. With the correct treatment, progression can be slowed significantly. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the link below to assess your child’s risk of developing myopia.

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We are passionate about catching and treating myopia in children! Slowing the progression of it can benefit kids by reducing the need for spectacles, reducing lens thickness should they be required, and reducing the risk of myopic eye disease. The following table illustrates how rates of complication increase with the degree of short-sightedness:

Many people take eye health less seriously than other aspects of their wellness, but we at Visique Rose Optometrists know that it’s just as important. Put it this way: If you have blood pressure >160 your risk of a cardiovascular event is more than three times the norm. Very few people would hesitate at that point to be treated, yet many ignore vision issues and let their short-sightedness get worse.

We strongly encourage you to take not only your own eye health in hand, but that of your children. If you have further questions regarding the results of the test above or anything else to do with myopia, get in touch or book an appointment. You can also check out My Kid’s Vision for useful information.