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This disorder occurs when the cornea or front surface of the eye, which is normally round, becomes irregularly cone shaped, preventing proper focus of the light entering the eye.

If you are suffering from keratoconus, you’re in the right place. At Visique Rose Optometrists, we are recognised leaders in managing the condition.


The abnormal shape of the eye that comes with keratoconus causes distortion of vision and increased sensitivity to glare and light.  If you suffer from keratoconus, you may notice symptoms appearing from between13 and 20 years of age. They can progress for several decades, and can differ in each individual eye.

What is Keratoconus?
Diagnosing Keratoconus

As the disorder progresses, the cornea bulges further forward and vision becomes more distorted. Most patients will require contact lenses.

Visique Rose Optometrists is the birthplace of the specialist RoseK lens, which is now the most-prescribed rigid keratoconus lens design in the world, used in more than 87 countries. Our founder, Paul Rose, inventor of the RoseK lens, has a passion for this debilitating condition. He continues to contribute to research into treatment options.

Peter Walker is a senior partner at Visique Rose Optometrists and a keratoconus specialist. He has developed an informative website about the condition, which can be found at It answers many frequently asked questions about the disorder, including treatment options.