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Visual Conditions

What’s wrong with my eyes?

If you’re having trouble seeing correctly and don’t know why, the videos below might give you some insight into what’s going on. They describe and explain common eye conditions: short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.


Also called near-sightedness or myopia (the medical term), short-sightedness is when objects which are close can be seen clearly, but those far away are blurred. It happens when the eyeball is elongated, causing the light entering the eye to focus incorrectly. This condition is common in children and young adults.


This is also called hyperopia, and it is when close objects are blurry but those far away are seen clearly, due to a slightly flattened eyeball. It does not always require glasses or other vision aids but they are common treatments, and some patients benefit from eye exercises too. Find out more in this short animation.


Blurred vision is the main symptom of astigmatism, which occurs when the front surface (cornea) of the eye does not have a regular, smooth curve. As with the other conditions, this means that light does not focus in the right place.

Are you wondering whether you have one of these conditions? Book an appointment with one of our qualified optometrists and find your answers.